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Exhibitor Name:广州市宝比万像科技有限公司

English Name:Baobiwanxiang Technologies Co.,Limited

Booth Number:3A109

Company Address:广州市花都区三东大道美东工业园12栋

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Company Introduction:广州市宝比万像科技有限公司(以下简称“宝比万像”)是中国物联网行业领先的人员识别和物品标识技术、产品和整体解决方案供应商,集研发、生产、销售和技术服务于一体的高科技企业。宝比万像专注于智能物联网识别领域,主要从事人员识别物品标识技术、RFID识别技术集成方案及智能终端产品的研发、生产、销售及技术服务。

English Introduction:Baobiwanxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of the Internet of Things industry in China,providing personnel and items identification technology, products and total solutions.It’s a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services.Baobiwanxiang focuses on the field of intelligent Internet of Things identification, mainly engaged in personnel identification technology, RFID identification technology integration solutions and intelligent terminal products R&D, production, sales and technical services.

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