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Exhibitor Name:浙江美声智能系统有限公司

English Name:Maxim Smart Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3A67-1

Company Address:中国浙江省嘉善县姚庄镇锦绣大道398号

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Company Introduction:浙江美声智能系统有限公司的产品主要有智能标签、RFID标签、NFC标签、热转印标签、价格牌、洗标、织标、皮牌、包装等,是一家集制造、服务、贸易、智能系统为一体的国际企业,距今已有48年的行业专业经验。与此同时,还拥有独立的标签及包装设计团队与定制化线上下单系统。无论您身在何处都能快速下单,美声全球28个据点都能为您提供专业的服务、优秀的产品和完善的解决方案。

English Introduction:Maxim Smart Manufacturing Co., Ltd mainly producing smart tags, RFID tags, NFC tags, thermal transfer tags, price tags, washing label, woven label, leather patch, packaging, etc. Maxim provide Total solution including manufacturing, service, trade, and intelligent systems. As an integrated international enterprise, it has 48 years of professional experience in the industry. At the same time, it also has own label and packaging design team and a customized online ordering system. No matter where you are, you can place orders quickly. Our 28 locations around the world can provide professional services, excellent products and perfect solutions.

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