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Exhibitor Name:常州市场景信息科技有限公司

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Booth Number:3C5

Company Address:江苏省常州市天宁区飞龙东路78号

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Company Introduction:常州市场景信息科技有限公司成立于2015年,自主研发室内外高精度人、物、车定位物联网产品和工业企业安全生产信息化管理平台,已通过ISO9000质量管理体系认证,取得了多项计算机软件著作权,为石化园区、港口码头、智慧医疗、工地、城市综合体、司法监狱 、隧道管廊等场所提供实时定位系统解决方案。 公司承建智慧工厂、智慧园区、智慧城市系统集成项目,通过不断地学习与创新,为客户提供优质的整体解决方案。

English Introduction:Changzhou Market Landscape Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 to independently develop indoor and outdoor high-precision people, materials, vehicle positioning products and industrial enterprise safety production information management platforms. It has been certified by the ISO9000 quality management system and obtained a number of computer software copyrights. Provide real-time positioning system solutions for places such as petrochemical parks, port terminals, intelligent medicine, construction sites, urban complexes, judicial complexes, and tunnel pipelines。 The company builds smart factories, smart parks, and smart city system integration projects to provide customers with high-quality overall solutions through continuous learning and innovation。

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