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Exhibitor Name:杭州中芯微电子有限公司


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Company Address:杭州市滨江区伟业路1号高新软件园4号楼东区

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Company Introduction:中芯微成立于2008年,13年专注于物联网定位感知技术研发和应用的国家高新技术企业,是国内首家在公检法司领域进行人员定位管理探索的企业;拥有员工100+、5个联合研发中心、3条定位产品线(RFID/AOA/UWB)、3条业务管理产品线(外出押解/岗哨枪支/律师核验);产品应用领域涵盖司法监管、安全生产、医养看护、室内定位导航、效能分析及应急救援等6大领域,成功案例500+,处于细分行业前TOP3。

English Introduction:Founded in 2008, CCRFID is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and application of IoT positioning and perception technology for 13 years. It is the first company in China to explore personnel positioning management in the field of public security organs, procuratorial organs,people's courts and Justice Division; It has 100+ employees,5 joint research and development center, 3 product lines for positioning (RFID/AOA/UWB), 3 product lines for business management (Prisoners go out to escort / Outpost and gun location management / lawyer verification); The application areas of the product cover six areas including judicial supervision, safety production, medical care, indoor positioning navigation, effectiveness analysis and emergency rescue.Successful case 500+ ,anking among the top 3 in the segmented industry.

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