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Exhibitor Name:杭州品铂科技有限公司

English Name:HangZhou PinPoint Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C27

Company Address:杭州滨江区海外高层次人才创新创业基地北楼一楼B1060室

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Company Introduction:杭州品铂科技有限公司主要业务:自主研发ABELL无线实时定位系统,销售高精度定位软、硬件产品,并提供室内外精准定位、精准导航等一系列解决方案。 ABELL定位系统可实现3D空间定位、2D平面定位、1D线性定位,实时定位精度最高可达0.1米,典型环境可达0.5米;可靠性和抗干扰性显著提升,能够帮助系统集成商、终端用户实现不同的定位业务需求。

English Introduction:Hangzhou PinPoint Technology Co., Ltd, main business: UWB based positioning system developing, ABELL real time localization systems, sales of high-precision positioning hardware and software, providing indoor and outdoor precise localization solutions. The ABELL localization system can realize 3D, 2D and 1D precise localization. The accuracy of localization is 0.5m in typical environment and can reach to 0.1m in best. The reliability and anti-interference performance is improved than other systems, which can satisfy system integrator , and users’ specific localization needs.

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