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Exhibitor Name:北京中科国技信息系统有限公司

English Name:Beijing Hwa-Tech Information System Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3A54-1

Company Address:北京市海淀区蓝靛厂东路2号院金源时代商务中心号楼A座8C

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Company Introduction:北京中科国技信息科技有限公司专业提供无线通信和射频微波领域的测试解决方案,产品包括物联网及RFID认证测试、研发测试解决方案、MIMO OTA测试解决方案以及其它定制化测试解决方案。 RFID测试产品覆盖市场上的从FPGA、芯片、标签产品问题定位测试到高端认证实验室的RFID检测等多种方案,已为国内众多的检测实验室、科研机构、大专院校、芯片、标签及读卡器设计生产厂家、系统集成商等提供解决方案。

English Introduction:Beijing Hwa-Tech Information System Co., specialized in providing testing and measurement solutions of wireless communication and RF microwave test system.Our products include IoT and RFID certification testing, Research and development testing solutions, MIMO OTA testing solutions, and other customized testing solutions. RFID testing products cover FPGA, chip, label products's problem location testing and RFID testing of high-end certification laboratory and other solutions, has been for many domestic testing laboratories, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, chip, label and card reader design manufacturers, system integrators to provide solutions.

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