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Exhibitor Name:深圳市远望谷信息技术股份有限公司

English Name:Invengo Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A58

Company Address:深圳市南山区高新南十道63号高新区联合总部大厦27、28楼

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Company Introduction:深圳市远望谷信息技术股份有限公司,成立于1999年12月,2007年8月在深交所上市(股票代码:002161),是中国物联网产业的代表企业,全球领先的RFID和物联网技术解决方案供应商。远望谷聚焦铁路、图书、零售三大业务,同时大力发展纺织洗涤、智慧旅游、烟酒管理、智能交通等RFID物联网垂直应用领域,提供高性能的RFID技术、产品和整体解决方案。

English Introduction:Founded in 1999, Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd, the representative company of Chinese IOT industry, is a global leading RFID and IOT solution provider. Invengo went public and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China, in 2007(SSE: 002161 SZ).Invengo focuses on three chief strategy industries of railway, library and retail. It also provides high-performance RFID products and solutions for laundry, smart tourist, tobacco and alcohol management, smart transportation.

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