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Exhibitor Name:江苏安智博电子科技有限公司


Booth Number:3A107

Company Address:江苏省常熟市经济技术开发区四海路11号1号楼8楼

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Company Introduction:江苏安智博电子科技有限公司是专业研发、生产和销售各种频率及规格的RFID电子标签的高新技术企业,工厂执行ISO9001质量体系,严格控制电子标签性能的可靠性和一致性,工厂产品涵盖低频、高频和超高频领域内的PCB材质标签、陶瓷标签、软质抗金属标签、柔性可打印抗金属标签、洗涤标签、带壳标签、汽车电子车牌、耐高温标签等。工厂热忱欢迎各界朋友。

English Introduction:SPOTAG ELECTRONICS (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD. is a high-tech factory specializing in RFID tags, which are strictly controlled with the reliability and performance consistency. Lots of cost-effective PCB tags, ceramic tags, printable on metal tags, laundry tags, high temperature tags are available.

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