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Exhibitor Name:文森斯诺科技(北京)有限公司

English Name:WINSON RFID Technology(Beijing) Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3A43

Company Address:北京市海淀区田村路西口 安格大厦3025室

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Company Introduction:文森斯诺科技(北京)有限公司是无线RFID标签的领先制造商,主要从事开发、生产和销售无源电子标签,并提供具有出色性能和RFID标签设计的产品来面向全球客户。 WINSON RFID专注于导电银浆印刷技术在RFID领域的发展。产品包括:银浆天线、Inlay、Label、纸质标签、易碎标签、RFID证书纸、电子票卡、游戏纸卡、酒类防伪标签、珠宝标签、耐高温标签等,并为客户提供定制化的特殊标签。

English Introduction:Winson RFID Technology Co., Ltd is a leading provider of wireless RFID tags manufacture. Winson RFID’s products include inlays, labels, paper tags, fragile tags, RFID certificates paper, e-tickets, RFID wristbands, anti-counterfeiting tags for wines, jewelry tags, garment labels, laundry tags, on metal tags, high temperature resisting tags, animal tags and some special tags, which can be applied in various fields. Since 2011, we began to focus on the development of conductive silver paste printing technology. Our team overcame many technical difficulties, generally became a leading Chinese supplier of the conductive silver paste printing RFID label.

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