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Exhibitor Name:久元电子股份有限公司

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Booth Number:3A48

Company Address:新竹市東區科技路5號4 樓, 台灣

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Company Introduction:久元電子股份有限公創立司於1991年,以堅強的軟、硬體實力,跨足於半導體、光電及物聯網產業,發展台灣自產自銷品牌,提供顧客穩定的服務品質與強大的工程支援能力,並以專業自主設備開發能力、整合系統設計,開發出市場性價比最佳之RFID chip bonder,現為全球前三大RFID自製設備供應商之一,成為與物聯網產業鏈中與客戶共榮的事業夥伴。

English Introduction:YoungTek Electronics Corporation (YTEC) was founded in the alleys in 1991, with our strong hardware and software capabilities, we have developed our own brand which is made in Taiwan and sell it to customers in semiconductor, optoelectronic, and IoT industries. YTEC offers not only stable service quality and strong engineering support,but also has developed a RFID chip bonder with the best price-to-performance ratio in the market with our own equipment development capability and integrated system design. We are currently one of the top three self-made RFID equipment suppliers in the world, thus becoming a business partner that shares prosperity with customers in the IoT industry.

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