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Exhibitor Name:广州安的电子科技有限公司

English Name:Guangzhou Andea Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3A61

Company Address:广东省广州市黄埔区玉树工业园敬业三街1号H栋东梯4楼

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Company Introduction:广州安的电子科技有限公司成立于2007年6月,注册资本人民币1020万元,是知名专注于RFID设备研发、生产、销售和提供解决方案的高科技公司。经过多年的研发和应用积累,我们的技术和产品性能已处于行业领先地位,产品的可靠性让我们在国内率先提出产品免费质保期升至三年;更为突出的是公司为RFID图书馆、无人便利店及售卖机、智慧门店、智能制造等领域的客户提供高性能的产品和领先的解决方案。

English Introduction:Guangzhou Andea Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd .was founded in June 2007 with RMB 10.2 million registered capital. Andea Electronic focus on development, production, sales and solution provider of RFID equipment. With years of experience on R&D and application, Andea Electronic has been taken the leading position in this industry as its advanced technology and outstanding performance. Excellent product reliability make us confident to promise three years quality warranty in domestic. Among lots of applications, we get greater achievement on RFID library, unmanned convenience stores, automatic vending machines and smart manufacturing.

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