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Exhibitor Name:维聚智控科技(北京)有限公司

English Name:Weiju Intelligent Control

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Company Address:北京市丰台区潘家庙58号京工时尚创新园

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Company Introduction:维聚智控是专业从事RFID高端设备研发、生产和销售于一体的高新技术企业,产品包括标签复合设备及数据读写设备等。维聚智控以先进的研发技术、品质保证和服务理念,为行业内RFID标签生产企业提供极具竞争力的标签生产设备,帮助用户提升产能、控制成本,打造自身竞争力。 维聚智控拥有强大的自主创新能力,公司研发及生产的产品均拥有100%的自主知识产权,目前已申请发明专利5项,实用新型专利及软件著作权16项。

English Introduction:Weiju intelligent control is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of RFID high-end equipment. Its products include tag composite equipment and data reading and writing equipment. With advanced R & D technology, quality assurance and service concept, Weiju intelligent control provides RFID label manufacturers in the industry with highly competitive label production equipment to help users improve production capacity, control costs and create their own competitiveness. Weiju intelligent control has a strong independent innovation ability. The products developed and produced by the company have 100% independent intellectual property rights. At present, it has applied for 5 invention patents, 16 utility model patents and software copyrights.

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