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Exhibitor Name:佛山澳信科技有限公司

English Name:Auxn Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A112

Company Address:中国广东省佛山三水西南科技工业园兴业四路十号

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Company Introduction:佛山澳信科技有限公司集研发、生产和销售于一体。产品质量通过国际ISO9001:2008质理管理体系,公司主营产品有:4G/LTE 、3G、WIFI、WIMAX、RFID、VHF/UHF、TV、MIMO、CPE、GPS、GSM、CDMA等移动通讯和WLAN、读卡器智能化管理、卫星通讯,无线监控及无线射频应用等领域的天线及无线配件。

English Introduction:Auxn technology company integrating research,production and sale. Product quality through the international ISO9001:2008 quality management system, the company's main products are: 4 g/LTE, 3 g, WIFI and WIMAX, RFID, VHF/UHF, TV, MIMO, CPE, GPS ,GSM, CDMA mobile communication and WLAN, card reader intelligent management, satellite communications, wireless monitoring, and the application of radio frequency antenna and in the field of wireless accessories.

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