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Exhibitor Name:澳普物联科技(深圳)有限公司

English Name:OPP IOT Technologies (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3A115

Company Address:莆田市西天尾镇龙山工业龙山村圳下196号七号楼5层

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Company Introduction:澳普物联是国内主要的RFID工业标签生厂商及供应商之一。公司自2013年成立以来,一直致力于为全球各个不同行业提供一流的,最具成本效益以及实用的RFID解决方案。 并为海内外客户提供产品定制化服务。 公司始终在RFID领域不断发展和创新,并在定制化RFID工业标签领域取得了卓越成就。 公司目前主要产品是RFID工业标签,耐高温标签,耐酸碱标签,抗金属小尺寸标签等RFID产品。

English Introduction:OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading trusted Industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been endeavoring to provide best in class, cost effective and practical RFID solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide. We have our own production line for RFID tags with bringing in full set of advanced equipments for R&D, bonding, sealing and testing. We offer unrivaled OEM / ODM service for customers both from domestic and abroad. OPPIOT has been certified ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management standards. Our products have passed ATEX Explosion-proof Certifi cation. We are dedicated to deliver high quality products to our customers, meanwhile, we insist our sense of society responsibility and environmental protection duty.

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