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Exhibitor Name:深圳神州盾安全系统有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen Shenzhoudun Security Systems Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3A110

Company Address:深圳市南山区西丽茶光路华文大厦605室

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Company Introduction:深圳神州盾安全系统有限公司总部设立在香港,并在深圳和北京设有分支机构;总部神州科技于2009年成立,公司成立之初致力于信息安全和物理安全领域,为高端企业提供解决方案和服务,包括安全访问控制系统、监控和报警系统、个人和企业的信息安全以及员工信息云管理方案。公司主营智能卡读写器、电子护照阅读器、超级门禁系统及提供各种定制服务。

English Introduction:Shenzhen Shenzhoudun Security Systems Co., was built on top of the foundation in integrating the information security and physical security areas, in order to provide solution and services focusing in high-end enterprise access control, alarm & monitoring systems, personal& business information security, as well as a smartcard centric management experience. Markland is found in 2009,which is our Hongkong office. Our main product : smart card reader, epassport reader ,Hisrch access control system……We alsoprovide personalized service.

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