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Exhibitor Name:上海尼泰电子科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Nitai Tech Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A5

Company Address:上海浦东新区南汇工业园区园中路233号1幢2层

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Company Introduction:上海尼泰电子科技有限公司位于浦东新区南汇工业园区,是专业生产RFID电子标签、EAS新型环保标签的生产厂家。 公司总体投资战略是为建立一流的电子标签生产基地和RFID研发中心而努力,公司研发人员能够在4小时内完成一款新型产品的设计。在节约能源的同时,致力于为全球客户在诸多RFID应用领域中降低成本并提高运营效率。

English Introduction:Shanghai NiTai electronic technology co., ltd. is located in nanhui industrial park, pudong new area, is specialized in the production of RFID electronic labels, EAS innovative labels (green label)manufacturers. The company's overall investment strategy is to build a first-class electronic label production base and RFID research and development center, the company's r & d personnel can complete the design of a new product in 4 hours.While saving energy, we are committed to reducing costs and improving operational efficiency for our global customers in a wide range of RFID applications.

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