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Exhibitor Name:上海真智电子标签技术有限公司

English Name:Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co.,Ltd

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Company Address:上海市闵行区莲花路2080弄50号E栋201

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Company Introduction:上海真智(RealSmart),向全球输出优秀RFID产品及解决方案,客户遍及全球60国家。致力于: ※ RFID标签研发、量产及应用落地; ※ 基于传感和自动识别技术的物联网应用方案的研发推广。 产品及服务 1.超微UHF特种标签--Magic家族; 2.微型UHF抗金属标签--Conqueror家族; 3.无源RFID LED发光寻物标签—Edision家族

English Introduction:About RealSmart Tech is committed to: ※ Scenes of various RFID Tag’s research and development, production and application ※ Sensing and Auto identification technologies of IoT application solutions development RealSmart, headquarters located in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone. Manufacturing facilities about 2.5 hours away from Shanghai airport. 5 Star Products ※ Super-Mini UHF Tag - -Magic collections ※ Mini On-Metal UHF Tag – Conqueror collections ※ Passive UHF LED Label –Edision collections Outstanding Service ※ RFID antenna, Inlay and tag design and customization ※ RFID professional testing tools, consulting and training services ※ RFID new technologies, new products and solutions for applications with the ground

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