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Exhibitor Name:南通海元芯盛智能科技有限公司

English Name:Nantong Hysmart Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A87

Company Address:南通市开发区晨阳路19号

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Company Introduction:南通海元芯盛智能科技有限公司是一家专业生产、销售RFID智能设备的企业。坐落于江苏省南通市开发区。主要生产销售RFID智能复合设备、RFID检测设备、芯片绑定设备、物联网相关设备、电子工业专用设备制造、物联网系统集成、研发及制造等。 公司集研发销售服务于一体,不断开拓创新,引进高新技术,自主研发新产品,秉承以质为本,服务至上的宗旨,为广大用户提供一系列完善且专业的售前售后服务。

English Introduction:Nantong Hysmart Technology Co.,Ltd is a good reputation enterprise in China,which specializing in manufacturing and selling RFID technology intelligent equipments.Located in development zone,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province.The main produces including RFID smart composite equipment,RFID test equipment,chip bonding equipment,IoT(Internet of things)related equipment,electronic industrial specialized equipment manufacturing,IoT(Internet of things)systems integration,research and development,and manufacturing,etc. Our company set research and development,sales and service into an organic whole,through continuous learning,development and innovation,the introduction of high technology,independent research and development of new products,adhering to the"quality is the first,service is the highest"for the purpose,continues to provide a series of consummate and professional pre-sales after-sales service to customers.

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