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Exhibitor Name:苏州易泰勒电子科技有限公司

English Name:Suzhou Etag-Technology Corporation

Booth Number:B64-3

Company Address:苏州工业园区若水路388号纳米科技园E栋1506

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Company Introduction:苏州易泰勒电子科技有限公司是可视化智能电子标签系统的专业制造商,拥有丰富的可视化电子标签研发、设计、安装维护经验,是国内第一批从事智能电子标签研发、设计、制造的供应商。公司拥有一支多年从事智能电子标签研发、生产、销售及维护团队,凭借丰富的产品开发经验,过硬的技术实力,自主研发超高速率、超长待机、零误差、智能感知的智能电子标签系统,并在此基础上不断拓展产品附加值给客户提供更多增值服务,改善用户体验。

English Introduction:Suzhou Etag-Technology Corporation is a professional manufacturer of visual intelligent tag system. It has rich experience in visual tag development, design, installation and maintenance. It is the first batch of intelligent tag R & D and design in China.Help customers to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, improve customer competitiveness. The company has been engaged in intelligent tag research and development, production, sales and maintenance team for many years, relying on rich product development experience, strong technical strength, independent research and development of ultra-high speed rate, ultra-long standby, zero error, Intelligences intelligent tag system, and on this basis continuously expand the added value of products, provide customers with more value-added services, improve the user experience.

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