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Exhibitor Name:巨心物联网实验室(深圳)有限公司


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Company Address:深圳市宝安区西乡街道铁岗社区桃花源科技创 新园孵化大楼B栋6层609

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Company Introduction:巨心物联网实验室(深圳)有限公司,物联网实验室资源服务平台,建立了一支围绕RFID实验室项目为中心的研发团队,用心服务于国内外多家企业、学校、研究机构,并建立自己的实验测试室,为产品质量和项目实施提供测试环境保障,与行业企业建立共赢关系。 服务范围: 电子标签设计、打样、测试、实验设备 电子标签应用展示、示范演示中心规划、建设 RFID物联网教学实训平台建设 RFID电子标签情景实验平台建设

English Introduction:Juxin Internet of things Laboratory (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the Internet of things laboratory resource service platform, has established a R & D team centering on RFID laboratory project, serving domestic and foreign enterprises, schools and research institutions with heart, and has established its own laboratory, providing test environment guarantee for productquality and project implementation, and establishing win-win relationship with industry enterprises. Scope of services: Electronic label design, proofing, testing, experimental equipment Planning and construction of electronic label application exhibition and demonstration center Construction of RFID Internet of things teaching and training platform The construction of RFID electronic tag scene experiment platform

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