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Exhibitor Name:深圳市铂科新材料股份有限公司

English Name:POCO Holding Co., LTD

Booth Number:C1-3

Company Address:深圳市南山区高新技术产业园北区朗山路28号2栋3楼

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Company Introduction:铂科新材料股份有限公司为国家认定的高新技术企业。独立自主掌握了铁硅等金属粉芯以及抗金属吸波材料从粉末研发、制造、绝缘,到成型的全制程体系。基于对金属粉材料特性的研究,通过与UPS、太阳能光伏逆变器、新能源汽车等电能变换行业知名企业的深度应用合作,已完美架构从合金磁粉到粉芯成型、吸波材料生产、磁元件应用设计综合服务平台,为电能变换行业客户解决电感磁元件成本、效能、EMI方面的优化。

English Introduction:POCO Holding Co., LTD is a state-certified high-tech enterprise in China. POCO has fully mastered core technology and intellectual property rights of the whole production system of powder core and absorb material, such as R&D production, insulation and forming. By integrating in-depth research of powder core material characteristics, we already have deep cooperation with well-known enterprises in electrical energy conversion industry. The industry includes UPS, PV, EV/HEV application and so on. Now POCO has built up a fully comprehensive service platform ranging from alloy powder to powder core forming, application design of magnetic component, aiming to help our customers optimize magnetic component solutions in cost, efficiency and size.

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