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Exhibitor Name:深圳艾依灵科技有限公司

English Name:Ai Yi Ling Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:C20

Company Address:深圳市南山区深圳湾科技生态园11栋1303b

Company Website:

Company Introduction:艾依灵科技是一家专注于汽车人工智能、车联网的高科技公司。创始团队出自于中南大学、复旦大学、美国密苏里州立大学等高校,团队成员曾任职于联发科技、阿里巴巴、腾讯等科技公司,对车联网产品及智能驾驶领域具有多年的实操经验。公司创办之初即获得UMG集团的投资,拥有雄厚的技术研发实力和充分的资金支持。公司已与中南大学达成战略合作,成立车联网与人工智能联合实验室,拥有人工智能、机器学习、图像识别等。

English Introduction:AI-Living Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech company focus on the Vehicle artificial intelligence, Internet of Vehicles. The founding team comes from Central South University, Fudan University, Missouri State University in the United States, Ritsumeikan University in Japan and other universities. The team members have worked in technology companies such as MediaTek, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. Have many years of practical experience in the field of Internet of Vehicles products and intelligent driving. The company was established at the beginning of the UMG Group of investment, with strong technical research and development strength and adequate financial suport.The company has reached a strategic cooperation with Central South University to establish a joint laboratory of Internet of Vehicles and artificial intelligence, with high quality personnel reserves and intellectual support in artificial intelligence, machine learning, image recognition and other fields.

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