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Exhibitor Name:宁波柔印电子科技有限责任公司


Booth Number:B12-1

Company Address:浙江省宁波市金源路669号宁波柔印电子科技有限责任公司

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Company Introduction:宁波柔印电子科技有限责任公司是一家致力于环保型印刷RFID电子标签开发和生产的高科技企业,公司已开发出了一系列PET基、纸基高频(HF)、超高频(UHF)环保型RFID电子标签产品,拥有从材料、印刷到成品的全产业链技术,并已开始向相关客户批量供货。公司拥有深厚的技术积累和行业经验,并通过技术推动,将先进的印刷电子技术应用于产业发展,为行业绿色生产、社会可持续发展贡献力量。

English Introduction:Ningbo Flexo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and production of environmentally-friendly printed RFID electronic tags. The company has developed a series of Environmentally-friendly high-frequency (HF), ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID electronic tags products based on PET or paper. The company has the ability from conductive materials, printing processes to products, and has begun to supply to relevant customers in batches. The company has deep technical accumulation and industry experience. Also, through technological promotion, it applies advanced printed electronics technology to industrial development, contributing to the industry's green production and sustainable social development.

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