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Exhibitor Name:扬州永奕科技有限公司

English Name:Yeon technologies (Yangzhou) Co. Ltd.

Booth Number:B47

Company Address:江苏省扬州市经济技术开发区吴州东路88号

Company Website:

Company Introduction:永奕科技隶属于台湾十大集团之一永丰余集团,进入中国十余载,物联网行业龙头企业。集团拥有全球最大的RFID标签生产厂。永奕科技具备RFID软硬件及RFID标签之设计、量测、量产、客制的能力,同时和世界知名厂家合作,代理其优质读写器等产品,并结合用户的实际情况,开发出应用单元,在智能制造,固定资产,健康管理,现代化物流,物联网等领域,提供最先进的应用解决方案。

English Introduction:Found in 2006, Yeon Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of RFID technology and solutions. Based in China and Taiwan, with an expanding world-wide operation. RFID inlay production factory was also setup in Yangzhou within the group of YFY. Equipped with it’s 12 years of experience in RFID, YEON TECH is fully dedicated enabling efficiency in applications such as IOT, Industry 4.0, ticketing, identity management, supply chain management, authentication, asset management and brand equity. YEON TECH is also partnering with world-wide leading companies in different field and industry to provide best RFID hardware/IOT solution/tags for customers.

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