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Exhibitor Name:莆田市澳普物联科技有限公司

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Company Address:莆田市城厢区龙桥民心街249号

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Company Introduction:澳普物联是国内主要RFID工业标签的生产商及供应商之一,公司拥有全套RFID生产设备和一支生产经验丰富的团队,目前主要产品包括抗金属耐高温,耐酸碱,远距离等RFID工业特种标签。公司始终保持“自主研发、自主创新、自主生产”的根本,为国内外客户提供产品定制化服务及实用RFID解决方案。同时公司已通过质量管理体系认证和环境管理体系认证,且所有产品通过ROHS,RECH,CE检测认证及ATEX防爆认证等

English Introduction:OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the leading industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a full set of advanced equipment and an experienced production team. Our featured products include: on metal high temperature resistant tags, anti acid & alkali tags, long read range tags, flexible tags and series of industrial special RFID tags. We’ve maintained the principle of “ Independent research and development, Independent innovation and Independent production”to offer OEM / ODM services and practical RFID solutions for customers from domestic and abroad. OPP IOT has been certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. All our products have passed RoHs, Reach, and ATEX Explosion-proof Certifications.

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