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Exhibitor Name:深圳铭胜能源有限公司


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Company Address:深圳市福田区金地工业区110栋6楼

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Company Introduction:EEMB Battery自1995年以来就是一家专业的锂电池制造商和电池解决方案提供商。我们生产一次锂电池,可充电电池,并提供定制的电池模块解决方案。 我们拥有大量经过UL测试的电池,并且我们的大多数电池都符合UN 38.3。 我们的工厂位于中国武汉。 EEMB以为我们的客户提供优质的产品和出色的全球技术客户服务为荣,我们的办事处遍布中国,日本,俄罗斯和美国。

English Introduction:EEMB Battery is a professional lithium battery manufacturer and battery solution provider since 1995. We produce primary lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, and provide customized battery module solutions. We have an extensive list of UL tested battery cells and most of our batteries are UN 38.3 compliant. Our factory plant is located in Wuhan, China. EEMB take prides in providing our customers with superior products and excellent global technical customer service and our offices cover China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

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