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Exhibitor Name:晶丰全邦科技(上海)有限公司

English Name:ECB Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:B65-2

Company Address:上海市嘉定区惠平路801号民成大厦1号楼805室

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Company Introduction:晶丰全邦科技(EPM-Chanbond)创建于2007年,总部设立于中国武汉,并在美国圣地亚哥设有研发实验室。晶丰全邦是行业领先的高分子粘合剂材料供应商,依托行业十多年的发展经验,在通信、微芯片级封装、消费电子、CMOS、RFID、LED显示照明等领域积累了大量的行业领先经验,以不断的研发投入及技术创新、丰富的商业渠道,服务全球市场客户。

English Introduction:EPM-Chanbond Technology (Shanghai) Industrial Co.,Ltd (EPM-Chanbond) Founded in 2007Located inWuhan, China Leading supplier of polymer adhesive materials in the industry Sufficient experience in the fields of communication, microchip encapsulation, consumer electronics, CMOS, RFID, LED display lighting and etc. The polymer adhesive materials certified and recognized by many customers in global market.

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