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Exhibitor Name:云之道(深圳)信息技术有限公司

English Name:Yunzhidao (Shenzhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:C17-1

Company Address:深圳市福田区天安创新科技广场二期东座402A-402B

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Company Introduction:JustID是一款基于通信模组的物联网设备认证系统,它通过JustKey白盒密码技术,使物联网设备具有“一机一算法”的特点,并对签名私钥进行保护,完美解决在没有安全芯片的场景中保护私钥的难题。在不增加功耗和成本的前提下,为物联网生态提供设备唯一标识,并实现双向认证及数据传输加密,为物联网生态应用提供了一个安全入口。 关键词:物联网设备标识;双向认证;数据传输加密;非法流量识别;防应用层攻击。

English Introduction:JustID is a kind of Internet of things device authentication system based on communication module. It makes the Internet of things devices have the characteristics of "one machine one algorithm" through JustKey white box cryptography technology, and protects the signature private key, perfectly solving the problem of protecting the private key in the scene without security chip. Under the premise of not increasing power consumption and cost, it provides unique identification for the IOT ecosystem, realizes bidirectional authentication and data transmission encryption, and provides a safe entrance for IOT ecosystem applications. Key words: IOT device identification; two-way authentication; data transmission encryption; illegal traffic identification; anti application layer attack.

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