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Exhibitor Name:够乐实业(上海)有限公司

English Name:Goale Industrial (Shanghai)Co., Ltd

Booth Number:B166

Company Address:祥科路58号(炬创芯研发大楼)603室

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Company Introduction:够乐实业(上海)有限公司成立于2014年,公司以物联网信息平台为基础面向重点行业提供相应的信息化解决方案与服务的供应商。产品研发,生产,销售,服务于一体,具有较强的软、硬件,结构设计开发及生产能力。够乐科技一直为客户提供具有行业领先水平的IT及电子产品与解决方案。公司在移动射频系统,基站定位系统,工业设计,结构设计,软件设计,生产执照,测试等领域有丰富的经验,可以根据客户的需求提供定制的解决方案。

English Introduction:Goale Corporation Shanghai Ltd., established in 2014. Based on IoT information platform, we are specialized in providing customers information solutions and services. With a combination of product development, production, sales and services, we have strong capability of software, hardware, structural design and production. Committed to provide advanced technology with industry-leading IT, electronic products and solutions, we are experienced in mobile RF systems, base station positioning systems, industry design, structural design, software design, production licenses, testing etc., we can provide customized solutions to meet various demand.

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