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IOTE 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition · Suzhou

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Exhibitor Name:金蝶软件(中国)有限公司苏州分公司

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Booth Number:B48-2

Company Address:苏州工业园区金鸡湖大道1355号国际科技园4期8楼

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Company Introduction:金蝶软件(中国)有限公司苏州分公司于1997年成立,作为金蝶国际软件集团在苏州的全资机构,以致良知,走正道,行王道为核心价值观,致力于成为最值得信赖的企业服务平台。在成立至今的20多年一直为苏州地区的广大用户提供从管理咨询到ERP系统落地的企业管理信息化整体解决方案,进一步拓展了云计算、移动互联、大数据、企业上云等多种创新服务。服务热线:68669180 服务网址

English Introduction:Kingdee Suzhou (Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd Suzhou Branch) was established at 1997. In these twenty years, Kindee Suzhou Branch has providing the professional solution to local customers, including consulting service, ERP implementation service, customization service, and maintenance service. The innovation service covers Clouding Computing, Enterprise Mobile Internet, Big Data, and Cloud on Business etc. Hotline: 0512-68669180 Website:

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