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IOTE 2020 The 13th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Suzhou has been cancelled!

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Exhibitor Name:江苏东洲物联科技有限公司

English Name:Jiangsu Dongzhou IOT Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:B70-1

Company Address:江苏省南京市江北新区研创园团结路99号孵鹰大厦A座

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Company Introduction:东洲物联是一家致力于物联网、智慧城市及软件服务的创新公司。业务涵盖物联网、智慧城市及软件服务产品的研究、开发、生产及销售服务等。公司开发了具有自主知识产权的物联网平台及各行业应用方案。东洲物联在物联网、大数据、人工智能等核心产业领域为客户带来创新完善的解决方案,特别在物联网应用领域,东洲物联从终端、网络到软件服务平台的建设,给出了综合、创新、智能、高效的解决方案,形成东洲物联独具的风格与优势。

English Introduction:Dongzhou IOT is an innovative company dedicated to the Internet of Things, smart cities and software services. The business covers research, development, production and sales services for IoT, smart cities and software service products. The company has developed an IoT platform with independent intellectual property rights and application solutions for various industries. Dongzhou IOT brings innovative and perfect solutions to customers in the core industries such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. Especially in the field of Internet of Things applications, Dongzhou IOT builds from terminals and networks to software service platforms. A comprehensive, innovative, intelligent and efficient solution has formed the unique style and advantages of Dongzhou IOT.

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