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Exhibitor Name:北京理工科技园科技发展有限公司

English Name:BIT Science Park Technology Development Co.Ltd

Booth Number:B68-2

Company Address:北京市海淀区中关村南大街9号理工科技大厦902室

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Company Introduction:北京理工大学科技园始建于1992年,于2001年成为北京市大学科技园,于2005年被认定为国家级大学科技园,于2012年被认定为A类国家级大学科技园。依托北京理工大学的学科与科技创新优势,目前北理工科技园已经形成 “在京两期工程+全国两个分园”的地理布局,集国家级孵化器、留学人员创业园、大学生科技创业见习基地、技术转移中心、北京市战略性新兴产业孵育基地、北京市中小企业公共服务平台为一体的平台体系。

English Introduction:Beijing Institute of Technology Science Park (BITSP) was founded in 1992, and was identified as Beijing-level University Science Park In April 2001, and was recognized as a National University Science Park in 2005, and was recognized as A-level National University Science Park in 2012. Relying on the resources of various scientific and technological innovation of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) , the current BITSP has been formed “two projects in Beijing + two branches around the countrywide" geographical layout, set a National Incubator, Overseas Student Pioneer Park, College Students Science and Innovation Training Base, University Technology Transfer Center, Beijing Strategic Emerging Industry Incubator, Beijing Public Service Platform for SMEs as a general platform system.

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