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Exhibitor Name:戎天电子(上海)有限公司

English Name:Royalty Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:B80

Company Address:上海市杨浦区逸仙路25号同济晶度大厦1111室

Company Website:

Company Introduction:戎天电子(上海)有限公司于2009年成立,是法国SAFT品牌在全球最大的代理商,同时也是日本Panasonic物联网电池,韩国VINA超级电容和日本TAIYO物联网电容在中国地区的专业代理。主要产品有(1)SAFT一次性锂电池和可充电电池系列:(2)VINA和TAIYO超级电容系列:(3)锂离子超级电容系列:(4)精工电源管理芯片和锂电保护芯片(5)可充电电池组(可按照客户要求定制)。

English Introduction:Royalty Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is the largest agent of French SAFT band batteries. It is also the professional agent of Japanese Panasonic IOT batteries, Korean VINA supercapacitors and Japanese TAIYO IOT capacitors. The main products are (1) SAFT disposable lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries series; (2) VINA and TAIYO supercapacitors series; (3) Lithium ion supercapacitors series; (4) Seiko power management chip and lithium protection chip; (5) rechargeable battery packs (customized according to customers’ requirement). Royalty has successfully applied the products above in various marketing segments and is always providing better power management solutions for customers.

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