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Exhibitor Name:上海保资智能科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Blozi Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:C4

Company Address:上海市嘉定区城北路1818弄上海金融谷23B栋

Company Website:http://

Company Introduction:上海保资智能科技有限公司,是一家基于物联网、大数据及人工智能的科技创新企业。 公司成立于2011年,立足于用智能化产品与解决方案帮助全球零售企业改善经营并提高效率。 保资智能坚持自主研发、自主制造及授权制造相结合,定位为全球领先的智价系统与商业防盗系统解决方案提供商。 公司研发中心位于上海总部,分别在北京和广州设立了两家销售型子公司,在昆山设立了生产型子公司。

English Introduction:BLOZI Intelligence is a technological innovation company based on Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2011, BLOZI is focused on helping retail enterprises improve their operating methods and efficiency by intelligent products and solutions. BLOZI Intelligence adheres to serve the new economy with the smart technology, insists on independent research and development, persists in branding, and looks to matters of global reach. Research–and-Development center (R & D) is located in the company's headquarter(Shanghai).

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