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Exhibitor Name:江苏恩福赛柔性电子有限公司

English Name:Enfucell printed electronics Ltd.

Booth Number:B154

Company Address:江苏省常州市新北区辽河路91号A座2F

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Company Introduction:恩福赛柔性电子是一家集技术研发、解决方案提供、生产经营于一体的产品及解决方案提供商,公司旗下各类产品是基于我司董事长张霞昌博士发明的纸电池为基础,依据公司十数年的研发生产经验,根据不同领域的多样化需求,定制了:医疗健康、冷链运输、防伪监控、智能包装、穿戴设备等多领域的不同解决方案,如『柔性印刷薄膜电池 』、『 智能温度标签』、『柔性半有源柔性UHF电子标签』、『智能包装 』,『离子渗透应用 』等。

English Introduction:Enfucell is a product and solution provider which integrates technology research and development, solutions providing, production and operation. The products are based on the paper battery invented by Dr. Zhang Xiachang, chairman of Enfucell. In the past 10 years of R & D and Production, we have designed several solutions for different requirements in sectors. Including: medical health, cold chain transportation, anti-counterfeit monitoring, intelligent packaging, wearable equipment and many other different solutions. These mature solutions are "Paper Battery", "Smart Temperature Tags", " UHF flexible electronic tag", "Intelligent packaging", "Ion penetration application" and so on.

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