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Exhibitor Name:上海卡立智能科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Kali Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:B43-1

Company Address:上海市徐汇区沪闵路8075号虹梅商务大厦422室

Company Website:

Company Introduction:上海卡立智能科技有限公司是个性化证卡打印解决方案及设备专业供应商,一直专注于个性化证卡打印机的技术普及和推广,为客户提供各种个性化新产品和解决方案。与美国ZEBRA,英国MAGICARD,美国DATACARD及FARGO,法国EVOLIS,德国(DIS)迪艾斯,台湾(HITI)呈妍等世界名牌证卡机生产厂家建有长期紧密战略合作。

English Introduction:Shanghai Kali Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of personalized card printing solutions and equipment. It has been focusing on the popularization and promotion of personalized card printers, providing customers with a variety of personalized new products and solutions. With ZEBRA, MAGICARD, DATACARD, FARGO, EVOLIS, DIS, HITI and other world famous card machine manufacturers have established long-term close strategic cooperation.

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