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Exhibitor Name:上海东广通信科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Eastample Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:B81

Company Address:上海市青浦区新丹路359号6栋3层

Company Website:

Company Introduction:东广通信科技有限公司(Eastample Lnc.)是国内领先的物联网射频器件及系统解方案提供商。提供的产品涉及各种RFID天线、电缆、电缆组件、复用器、切换器、RFID防雷器、环形器、天线安装支架等产品,同时也为客户的产品、设计提供咨询、综合解决方案等相关技术服务。总部位于上海,在深圳、成都、西安、北京设有销售联络点并在香港成立独立子公司。

English Introduction:Shanghai Eastample Technology Co.,Ltd. is the leading provider of IoT RF devices and system solutions in China. The products provided include various RFID antennas, cables, cable assemblies, multiplexers, switchers, RFID lightning arresters, circulators, antenna mounting brackets, etc., as well as consulting, comprehensive solutions for customers' products and designs. Related technical services. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has sales contact points in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an and Beijing and has established an independent subsidiary in Hong Kong.

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