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Exhibitor Name:北京朗硕数码技术有限公司

English Name:Beijing langshuo Digital Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:B109

Company Address:北京市朝阳区朝阳路67号院

Company Website:

Company Introduction:北京朗硕成立于1997年,是一家专注于新材料研发、生产和销售的高新技术企业。 朗硕为目前国内唯一一家能凭借自身核心技术,同时具备生产混合、树脂、TTO和水洗碳带等系列高端领域条码碳带的民族企业,在行业内率先打破了进口垄断的局面; 热转印碳带整个行业市场容量非常庞大,结合朗硕的技术优势,公司将会沿行业纵身发展。除系列混合、树脂和水洗等高端条码碳带产品,公司也会将拥有成熟技术的分切机和涂布机推向市场。

English Introduction:Started from 1997, Beijing Langshuo Digital Co., Ltd is a high science and tech manufacturer specialized in R&D and production of new materials, engaged in manufacturing and sales. Langshuo Digital is the only one factory, which with its core technology, producing wax-resin, resin,TTO and washable resin TTR,etc. The ribbons serves the barcode printing, also break the technological monopoly of abroad. The amount of TTR is jumble, with our tech advantage, langshuo will develop vertically. Besides wax-resin, resin and washable resin barcode ribbon, langshuo enjoys its mature technology of cutting machine and coating machine, which will be in market.

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