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Exhibitor Name:上海塞仲自动化科技有限公司(塞雨机电)

English Name:Shang Hai Sai Zhong Automation Science & Technology Co.,Ltd(saiyu electromechanical)

Booth Number:B55

Company Address:上海市松江区九亭镇高科技园区九泾路128号2号楼

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Company Introduction:上海塞仲自动化科技有限公司(上海塞雨机电)自创立于2005年以来,一直致力于制造RFID电子标签设备并研发软件数据系统。公司有专业的软件工程师、自动化专案设计师及售后技术人员。公司始终坚持以客户为导向,以创新技术为支撑,以诚实守信为根本,深得客户的信赖。

English Introduction:Shanghai saizhong automation technology co., LTD. (Shanghai saiyu electromechanical co., LTD.) has been committed to manufacturing RFID electronic label equipment and developing software data system since its establishment in 2005. The company has professional software engineers, automation project designers and after-sales technical personnel. The company has always adhered to customer-oriented, innovative technology as the support, in order to be honest and trustworthy as the fundamental, won the trust of customers.

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