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Exhibitor Name:上海壹凌新能源技术有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Yiling New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:B78-1

Company Address:江西省上犹县壹凌产业园

Company Website:

Company Introduction:赣州壹凌科技有限公司”(聚合物电芯生产地)总部位江西赣州,其在分别在东莞及上海特设立了分公司。壹凌是一家专业从事聚合物锂电池的研发、生产及进出口销售的高科技企业。 壹凌的锂电池产品包括常规电池、耐高温/低温电池、弧形电池、倍率电池、18650圆柱型锂电池等,提供产品及方案的定制化服务,合作伙伴包括沃尔玛、京东、飞利浦、海尔及摩拜单车等国内外知名企业

English Introduction:ilink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Yilink Group, is professionally specialized in the research and development as well as the manufacturing of polymer lithium battery. With the registration and certification of CE, SGS, UKAS, ROHS, Yilink has set sail smoothly to the world. Since its establishment, Yilink has viewed the philosophy of cooperation, development and sharing as a paddle, and has regarded the ultimate goal of becoming your veritable “battery expert”

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