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Exhibitor Name:南京启纬智芯微电子有限公司


Booth Number:B103

Company Address:南京市江北新区团结路99号研创园孵鹰大厦C座418-419

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Company Introduction:公司立足于TurboNFC技术,专注于下一代颠覆性的智能穿戴设备、智能卡、无线充电以及物联网设备等新兴市场,从事新型专用集成电路产品和系统的开发与销售,运用创新的软硬件架构和设计方法,提供可快速市场化的多项物联网产品整体解决方案。公司现正在开发多款高性能、低功耗的芯片产品,其中NFC能量采集动态标签芯片,正在向客户送样。同时,基于TurboNFC技术研发的消费类电子产品也已经面世。

English Introduction:FusensMicro's market of focus includes next-gen wearables, smartcards, and IoTs. With the help of innovative SW/HW architecture and cutting-edge development methods, FusensMicro provides IC products, consumer products, and solution packages to our partners and clients. FusensMicro has established strategic partnership with multiple leading companies in the market. Currently, FusensMicro is developing high-performance IC products based on their innovative TurboNFC technology. The TN21 series NFC energy harvesting IC has taped out and is currently being evaluated by our clients. In the meantime, our innovative consumer products based on TurboNFC are about to enter the market. Several of these products are truly unique. For example, our Touch n'Lock passive smartlock is the world's first battery-less smartlock product. Our AnyTag NFC smart tag is the world's first flexible battery-free Eink tag.

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