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Exhibitor Name:广州市众创物联网科技有限公司

English Name:guangzhou zhong chuang iot technology co.,ltd.

Booth Number:B20

Company Address:广州市黄埔区经济技术开发区开发大道225号中塔六楼

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Company Introduction:广州市众创物联网科技有限公司是一家专业从事数字化喷印系统、RFID标签、RFID写读喷检一体机等物联网成套设备产品的生产、开发与销售为一体的公司; 众创科技拥有来自中科院、北京物联网智能管理系统研发中心的工程师研发团队,有能力根据客户的需求提供高品质的RFID标签和系统,并可面向医药、日化、食品等行业客户提供包括软件、硬件、耗材于一体的完整的物联网供应链解决方案。

English Introduction:Guangzhou Zhongchuang Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production, development and sales of IoT complete sets of equipment such as digital printing system, RFID tag, RFID writing, reading and inspection machine;    Zhongchuang Technology has an engineer R&D team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing IoT Intelligent Management System R&D Center. It has the ability to provide high-quality RFID tags and systems according to customers' needs, and can provide software for customers in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and other industries. Complete hardware IoT supply chain solution with hardware and consumables.

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