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Exhibitor Name:莆田市澳普物联科技有限公司

English Name:OPP IOT Technologies CO., LTD.

Booth Number:B95

Company Address:莆田市西天尾镇龙山工业龙山村圳下196号七号楼5层

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Company Introduction:澳普物联是我国生产RFID工业标签的代表企业。公司致力于物联网核心设备的研发与销售,并为合作伙伴提供高性能、可靠性的射频识别产品而努力。 我们设计和制造高性能的超高频抗金属电子标签和柔性标签,为全球众多工业级行业标识、追溯和连接关键业务流程中的资产和物件,实现工业智能化。 我们立足之本是“自主研发、自主创新、自主生产”。公司拥有一支国内一流的研发团队,在超高频RFID行业内有丰富的经验积累。

English Introduction:OPP IOT Technologies Co., LTD is one of the trusted leaders in products, services and solutions related to Asset Tracking, Attendance Taking, Environment monitoring, Access control and Warehouse Management etc. Product fields covering UHF Tag, UHF Metal tag , Industrial UHF tag etc. Active in smart industry since 2013, OPP IOT Technologies continuously develops and innovates passive RFID manufacturing technologies on Specific UHF Tag. He is recognized by leading technology, robust quality, professional service, as well as the competitive price.

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