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Note: When you make your reservation,, please contact ahead of time in the name of IOT media or IOT Expo room at the agreed price, or it be be charge at the rack rate; Due to the large number of people during the exhibition, it is recommended that you book at least one to two months in advance.

How to get to Suzhou from Pudong Airport?

For reference only
Take the subway line 2 from Pudong Airport and change to Lanzhou Road by the train opposite to Line 2 (Xujing East) and reach Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The whole process is about 100 minutes From Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station take the high-speed rail or motor car, arrived in suzhou. The whole about 25 minutes; Pudong Airport Subway Line 2 → Guanglan Road (change to opposite Line 2 train) → Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station → Suzhou, you can also take Line 2 from Pudong Airport and transfer to Line 2 opposite Guanglan Road to arrive at People's Square, transfer to Metro Line 1, to Shanghai Railway Station. The whole journey is about 90 minutes From Shanghai Railway Station take the high-speed rail, motor car, arrived in Suzhou. The whole about 35 minutes; Pudong Airport Metro Line 2 → Guanglan Road (opposite to Line 2) → People's Square Transfer Line 1

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